Is Your Gas Furnace Working Properly?

Winter in Denver brings with it frigid temperatures, snow and hail storms, and strong winds that leave most of us cold, ready to crank up the gas fireplace to heat up our homes. However, even a properly working gas fireplace can stop working shortly after the cold winter season begins. This leaves your whole family suffering in the cold until you can get a professional gas fireplace repair denver. However, there are many mishaps that may cause the gas fireplace to stop working. For most people, it costs about $100 to repair a gas fireplace, although if a new pilot light is needed, it may cost closer to $200.

If your fireplace won’t turn on, one of the most common complaints, maybe you’re troubleshooting efforts can help. If you can make a repair without a call to a professional, substantial money can be saved. What can you do to inspect the fireplace before you call the pros?

First, check the main gas valve. Sometimes it gets switched off by accident. If the gas is on but you haven’t lit the fireplace in some time, you’ll need to get the air out of the pilot tubing to turn on the unit. Simply hold down the pilot button for 1- 3 minutes to do this.

Next, notice what happens. If you notice gas coming from the pilot light but the unit won’t start, it could be a problem with the spark igniter. Clear out any dirt/debris between the thermocouple and the ignitor to attempt to remedy this problem. If the pilot light lights but won’t stay lit, the thermocouple is likely the cause.

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If this does not resolve the problem, it’s time to call a professional. Many times there are broken or worn out connections, valves, modules, etc. in the unit that causes trouble. A quick replacement resolves this problem without further complaint.